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I have an illness that makes it impossible to not find parallels between advertising and everything else. This blog is a way for me to express all the weird ways I look at ads and my random new ways of thinking about them. Sometimes it’ll be smart, sometimes it’ll be stupid, and maybe some time it will change your view on everything in the world. But let's be honest. It's all advertising.

Tuesday, February 28

Skin Watch

This really cool watch concept comes from a strange and oddly amazing design place called Yanko Design. It's a "non-permanent" watch. Which from what I can gather means disposable. It seems to be part of a growing trend to make daily wares disposable. What about one time use ads? You see it once and then throw it away... oh, I guess we already have those.


At 12:11 AM, Blogger kbabs said...

I need something like that for my wrist, only not a watch, but a note pad, where I can jot down things I need to remember. But it would be 'non-permanant', too, so I could wash it off whenever I wanted.

Oh wait. I have one of those. Its called the back of my hand. Hmmm...


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