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I have an illness that makes it impossible to not find parallels between advertising and everything else. This blog is a way for me to express all the weird ways I look at ads and my random new ways of thinking about them. Sometimes it’ll be smart, sometimes it’ll be stupid, and maybe some time it will change your view on everything in the world. But let's be honest. It's all advertising.

Tuesday, February 28

Adarchy in the UK

Sex Pistols will never sell out...ever.

Apparently the crew essentially told off the music industry in a "formal" refusal letter for thinking they could conform them (or induct them) into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And here I thought punk was dead and its corpse was being used for marketing.

So the Sex Pistols might hate me forever for comparing them to a brand, but here it is: What great brand consistency for the Sex Pistols. If any other brand had this kind of strength, maybe they would be punk as hell too.


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