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I have an illness that makes it impossible to not find parallels between advertising and everything else. This blog is a way for me to express all the weird ways I look at ads and my random new ways of thinking about them. Sometimes it’ll be smart, sometimes it’ll be stupid, and maybe some time it will change your view on everything in the world. But let's be honest. It's all advertising.

Tuesday, March 7

New Chicago IKEA train wraps

This new train wrap for IKEA has the line "Los Angeles has Four, but they're probably fake" in regards to Chicagoland opening up its second IKEA. There were other train wraps including something about the twin cities only having one, and something else that wasn't as memorable apparently (since I can't seem to remember it).

It's just interesting that they would make a stab at their own company to be regionally relevant. Especially knowing that some jerk (me) might end up putting it on the web and stirring up some controversy. Los Angeles, can you believe they're talking that way about you? :)


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Littlejohn said...

That line doesn't even make much sense. Strange.

At 11:43 AM, Blogger Make the logo bigger said...

They should have wrapped the trains in birch.

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Geet Choudhary said...

Advertising or sticking bill on public transport has become the latest means of promoting a product/ brand or offering different kind of service. It has become a trend to communicate to the people through these means. Advertising in the train has become a standard of business to promote the product as thousands of commuters travel by the train to reach their destination.


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