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Tuesday, March 7

Liquor Ads With Bite

Unicum Nite has taken an interesting approach to their malt beverage's advertising. Selling it based on what might be its greatest weakness.

Not sure if anyone out there has tried the malternative Unicum Nite (not sure if it's sold in US), or its full strength counterpart Zwack Unicum, but it bites like a teething otter (imagine Jagermeister, but 80 proof). Rather than hide from their beverage's fighting character, they embrace it and seem to make it a challenge.

It's a lot better way than what most brands do, which is ignore their shortcomings and hope no consumers notice. Szėp munka volt (Nice work).

[Ads by BBDO-Hungary]


At 11:34 PM, Blogger kbabs said...

I don't know about the malt beverage version, but Unicum is hardcore. If I guy can take a shot of _that_ with no chaser, then damn, he's a real man in my book. That stuff has a kick like herbal paint thinner!


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